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Custom Furniture

Custom-made furniture is a relatively new direction for Born-Again Boards. Each piece is built to a buyer's particular needs and tastes in woods. Most material is hardwood, though some softwoods (pine, Port Orford cedar, and sap redwood)are used for accent. Available are standard desks, computer/surfboard desks, cutting boards, and chest of drawers. Special projects welcome!

Left: This desk features Port Orford Cedar, mahogony, Northcoast pepperwood, Hawaiian koa, Baltic birch (on top and sides).
Right: This desk features Hawaiian koa, Baltic birch, pepperwood, cedar, and African mahogony.
Left: This glassed surfboard desk rests on 4x4 redwood and Port Orford cedar supports. The lumber for this board came from the Fieldbrook area of Humboldt Co. and was part of a log left behind at the turn of the century. Rhyn Noll of Crescent City did the fabulous glassing job.

Photos courtesy of Tony Clapes of Hawaii.

Here is Tony working at his desk.

Above: This glassed surfboard, before it became a computer desk, was featured in Vanilla Sky (2001), staring Tom Cruise and this surfboard! The holders are old growth red cedar. The top supports are carved out for a custom fit. This board and the Clapes' board came from the same log milled in the Fieldbrook area of Humboldt County, California.

Below is a smaller version of the computer/surfboard desk. The wood is from the same curly log from which the other desks were made. This one accomodates a laptop or could make a nice table behind a couch. It is 30" high by 5' long, obviously large enough to hold a laptop or a nice glass of wine.

Coffee Table about 6'

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Born-Again Boards uses recycled wood whenever possible.

Background photo by Michael Kew.