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Born-Again Boards adds links to other interesting sites from time to time. If you find that a site does not work, please email us so that we can keep this page current.

For things cool and Hawaiian, this is the site for you.

If it is your dream to show up at the beach in a woodie, then click on this super site.

Here is another great woodie site, California Woodies. Click on it for a visit.

Click on the above image to Malcolm Gault-Williams and Gary Lynch's book,Tom Blake: The Uncommon Journey of a Pioneer Waterman.

Another of my favorites is Malcolm's historical site. This is one of the most complete on-line sources for historical surfing information out there.

Vintage Wooden Paddleboards by Dirk Langer. Click above.

Check out Richard McCormick's woodworking site. He is a master craftsman worthy of a careful look...a great person as well.

Fabulous hollow riders by Paul Jensen in Washington State. Check it out.

The Surftrader: Great items to buy and great information.

Headed East? Check this shop out in Delaware.

For general info on the East Coast, check this site out.

If you are into information about Humboldt County in Northern California, go to this site for mounds of information from food and lodging to arts and fishing. It is all here!


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