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Pacific Systems Homes Replica
widest point: 16 1/2"
length: 6'
tail: 13 1/4"
thickness: approx. 3/4"
stringers: 2" each
bottom: flat

This board was produced in the 30s by Pacific Systems Homes in Los Angeles, the same company that built the Swastika models until the WWII and employed such old timers as Whitey Harrison and Pete Peterson to build and design laminated boards. The nose has a slight upturn the last 16 inches. We are told Sears Roebuck actually sold this board for around 10 bucks. An original, with a swastika emblem, sold for $20,000 in 2008.

The lighter stringers were often pine. To achieve a weathered look, we use vertical grain old growth fir. One pictured on right has balsa for stringers. Either balsa, pine, or old growth fir is available for stringers. It appears this board has its roots in the early alaia boards ridden by "common" people, as opposed to the olos, ridden by royalty. Pictured here is Josh Hoopes with the only authenticated tan in Humboldt County.

Waikiki Model water-based fininsh marine varnish
6' redwood and fir or pine $400 $450

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Born-Again Boards uses recycled wood whenever possible.

Background photo by Michael Kew.