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From the plantations of Central America to California.... If you are interested in a solid longboard blank for your favorite shaper to whittle, contact me. Or let Brian Kang shape one. Brian does excellent work on balsa. Length is 9' to 9'10", approximately 2-3/4" thick. Natural curve in the balsa provides suitable rocker for 60's style boards; the modern rocker is also available. Stinger patterns are custom to your specifications. I use either cedar or old growth redwood. Laminated tailblock materials and up to three stringers are included in the price.
Brian Kang, Shaper and Big Wave Rider
Shaped by Brian Kang. ,Inlays and glassing by Jim Givens  

Going retro? This 10'3" board (above) was shaped by Bill Hoopes and now graces the waves at Waikiki. For more on this retro board and its owner, Steven Murphy, simply click here: Do They Ride


Born-Again Boards uses recycled wood whenever possible.

Background photo by Michael Kew.