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The Gary Lynch Gallery
Boxcar Gary,1971, Fernbridge, California and Surfing Urchins, 1991.

Featured below is a collection of Gary's photos shot for an article about Born-Again Boards

Gary Lynch grew up in southern California and learned to surf during the 60s. In the 70s Gary migrated north and lived in Humboldt County for twenty-one years, working here and riding the Northcoast waves before settling on California's Centralcoast. During his northern years, Gary honed his skills as a photographer and began serious research on surfing and its great men of old. His numerous historical articles and photographs have appeared in Surfer, Surfing, The Surfers Journal, Nalu (Japan), The Surfers Path (England), National Geographic, and numerous environmental magazines. His fifteen-years project on the history of Thomas E. Blake has resulted in two fine, detailed books: Tom Blake Surfing: 1922-1932; and Tom Blake: The Uncommon Journey of a Pioneer Waterman. (See the "Links"; button on home page to order these books.)

Gary has been an invaluable source of information and encouragement for Born-Again Boards and its projects.

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Background photo by Michael Kew.