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The following is a list of publications, articles, movies, t.v., etc., that have featured Born-Again Boards or its owner.

Woodie Times: July 2008 issue. Nice picture of Tom and Sandy Small's very rare 1947 Ford Sportsman convertible woodie with a Born-Again Boards wooden board sticking out of the back seat. See page 25.

Outside Magazine: Nice plug for Born-Again Boards in the June 2007 edition with Laird on the cover. The article suggests riding a redwood at the North Jetty; this is simply a death wish. Do not try this at home or at the Jetty.

NPR Radio Interview with Bill Hoopes: National Public Radio Interview on KQED in San Francisco, August 1st 2003. The California Report Magazine's "Hang 10 on a Piece of 500-Year-Old Lumber," by Windy Butler of KHSU local radio.

Article: "Chairman of the Boards," The Press Democrat, Section D, May 13, 2003, by George Lauer and Kent Porter. Story of Born-Again Boards.

Photos and Shop: The Stormrider Guide North America, 2002. Photos of the 60s and mention of Born-Again Boards shop in Eureka, CA.

Article: The Surfer's Path (UK) "Doc Ball Kicks Out," Issue 29 Feb/March 2002, Bill Hoopes

Book: Tom Blake:The Uncommon Journey of a Pioneer Waterman, 2001, co-written by Gary Lynch and Malcolm Gault-Williams and edited by Bill Hoopes with a story by Bill of an adventure with Tom Blake and Doc Ball.

Article: GQ Magazine (Gentlemen's Quarterly) October issue, 2001. Born-Again Boards.

Movie: Vanilla Sky (2001) Starring Tom Cruise and a Born-Again Boards' curly redwood, released December 14, 2001.

Frontpage News Article: "Surfing Old Growth," Eureka CA's Times Standard, 9 April 2001, by James Tressler. Story of Born-Again Boards.

Article: Nalu Magazine 2000, No. 21 (Japan), article about finding, milling, and using recycled lumber and logs to make 1930s replica surfboards, by Bill Hoopes

Article: The Surfers Journal, "A Turn of the Century Plank Reveals its Tale," by Bill Hoopes, Volume Seven, Number Two. Marcus Leavitt's rare two piece redwood plank and its restoration.

Article: The Surfers Journal, "Born-Again Boards," in Undercurrents, by Steve Pezman, Volume Six, Number Two.

Article: Longboard Magazine, "Bill Hoopes' Frames of Reference," by Don Forthuber, Volume three, Number Four.

Article: "Aligned with the Waves," The Northcoast Journal, Vol. 5, Issue 8, August 1994

Surfing News Story: San Francisco Chronicle

Television Feature: Channel 3 News, "Spirit of the Northcoast," November 1999. Born-Again Boards a featured business of the Northcoast of California.

Surf Exhibit: Two 10' 1930's boards (Redwood and pine; balsa and redwood) featured at New York City's Polo Ralph Lauren store, 1997.

Surfing News Story: Los Angeles Times, "Trying to Keep a Surfing Secret," Nov. 9, 1996.

Museum display: Santa Barbara Surf Museum, 10' 1930s redwood and pine board.

Museum display: North Carolina Surf Museum, 1930s 10' redwood and pine board.

Museum display: Lincoln City Surf Shop, Oregon, six foot Waikiki rental replica of 1930s Pacific Systems Homes' board.

Museum display: Nalu Kai Surf Museum in Nags Head, 10' redwood.

Store display: Whalebone Surfshop in Nags Head, redwood board.

Store display: Gray's Department Store, Kitty Hawk, 8'8" hotcurl.

Born-Again Boards uses recycled wood whenever possible.

Background photo by Michael Kew.