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Redwood Surfboard Weather Station
Wonder what is happening with the weather? Will it be too nasty to surf? Wonder no more. This redwood weather station is made from reclaimed old growth redwood. Truly a unique gift for the discerning surfer. Put it on the wall of your beach house at Malibu or pretend it is your ‘Bu beach house. The instruments are European made. The thermometer is scaled in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, the hygrometer measures the amount of moisture in the air (humidity), and the barometer indicates weather trends over a period of time by registering changes in atmospheric conditions. The instruments are 2-3/4" in diameter, the board is approximately 28” long, 1 ¼” thick, and 6-7” wide. Each weather station will be uniqe because of the redwood used. Price: $125 (plus any applicable taxes) and $20 shipping and handling.

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Weather Station $125.00

Born-Again Boards uses recycled wood whenever possible.

Background photo by Michael Kew.